Things to consider before buying a professional camera

Since most of you are probably still getting started you’re probably looking to buy a professional video camera. So then what are some things that we should look out for before we decide to buy?

Let’s see there are many things that someone should consider:

First is how well does the microphone function? Some cameras come with better microphones than others. Some are built in and others used external. If you’re thinking about spending a few hundreds of dollars on a separate microphone then this won’t matter as much. However if you’re on a budget consider getting something with a decent microphone. It can save you the hassle of having to buy a better one in the future.

Another thing is how it handles the light. Some professional video cameras adapt better to different light situations than others. This can be extremely crucial when your trying to film a good scene. The light capability will make or break your video always remember that!

The different types of connectors. This goes a bit back to the microphone. If it has a grade a microphone then it might not make a difference. However if it has a pretty bad microphone you will want to make sure that there are connectors for it. Keep in mind some microphones used different types of connectors so you might want to keep this in mind.

Batteries is also something you’ll want to watch out for. Who knows how long you will be recording a scene so you probably want something that can last you a couple of hours. Don’t think about overspending on batteries. The time that you save will pay off.

Performance. Not every video camera is made the same. Some clearly perform better than others. It is for this fact that they all have different prices. Now this should be obvious. But since you will be using this camera for professional reasons or whatever you choose to you should really keep this in mind. Don’t overspend but don’t under spend either. Quality is highly important in this business.

Weight – I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t take this into account however you should. Remember your going to be carrying this thing for quite a while so make sure that you buy something you can handle. Do you really want your arm getting tired?

I’ve gone over just a few things however there is a lot more that you should keep in mind. This professional camera guide does a great job at going over the top video cameras and other things to look out for.



Professional Video Camera And Camcorders?

What’s the difference between a video camera and a camcorder? This is probably one of the most asked questions in this business. Wether it’s newbies or even professionals a lot of people can’t give you a direct answer.

Well it’s not that complicated to be honest.

Camcorders are pretty much made to be used for videos. While video cameras on the other hand are mainly used to take pictures. Now this might of been true if we were living in the 19th century but were not. This is 2016 and in 2016 we have camcorders or cameras whatever you want to call them that can pretty much do both.

Notable differences between camcorders and video cameras –

  1. Audio Quality – I’ve found that camcorders tend to have better audio quality due to there built in microphones being well above video cameras.
  2. Size – Camcorders are much easier to handle in one hand while cameras are made for both hands to take good quality picutures
  3. Camcorders take better videos, video cameras take better pictures (pretty obvious)

Getting a camcorder or a video camera?

If it’s not obvious yet were let me put it this way. Plan on shooting videos? Get a camcorder. Plan on taking pictures? Get a camera. Now compared side by side nothing can beat a good quality camcorder.

This page does a pretty good job at going over the differences:



How to be an awesome videographer

Just thought I’d share with you guy’s a video of how to shot like a pro.

Perhaps one of the biggest takes we can take from the video is that you need to know how to work your equipment. You’re camera is your biggest friend don’t forget that. I will be doing a short review on some professional video camera’s very soon! Stay tuned with my blog!


Videographer – My Life

Well my name is Anthony I’ve been a videographer for as long as I can remember. I first got into it in high school and have been stuck with it ever since.

I love videography it’s my passion! I do videos for weddings, games, and all types of other events. I will be using my blog to talk more about my passion and give tips for other newbies out there. I will also be talking about video cameras out there that others might enjoy using and my recommendations and what to look for when buying.

I also enjoy photography. I think both of these things go hand in hand. I’m definitely more into videos and editing them. I think capturing real time events to me is just fascinating. I sometimes can’t tell if I enjoy editing more than i do recording but both of them i just have the time of my life doing.

If you ever need a videographer for a special event then be sure to email me at